Evolving Patterns Of Diversity


United in Diversity is the European Union’s official motto. The project will involve schools from diverse countries and cultures. Throughout the project we will work together to embrace multiculturalism in Europe and explore the many differences and similarities between the countries. This project aims at encouraging students to discover and explore some of Europe’s cultural heritage, and to reinforce a sense of belonging to a common European family. The project will focus on the countries’ evolving patterns of diversity, and beyond, in a holistic way: diversity in seasonal, geographical, nature, architecture and culinary patterns. This project goes hand in hand with the European of Cultural Heritage slogan for 2018: “Our heritage: where the past meets the future”. It will bind past traditional patterns with the present and form responsible citizens that will shape the future of Europe.

The Project's Logo
Objectives of the Project
  • To enhance the 5 Cs of education, mainly creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and cooperation, that are required to function as successful future citizens;

  • To increase participants’ overall competencies and skills, in particular:

  • To widen the artistic skills and competences of all participants;

  • To increase their scientific competences;

  • To increase the students’ entrepreneurial skills;

  • To increase the students’ competences in using digital tools and online programs that go beyond the traditional mode of teaching;

  • To adopt a holistic approach to the teaching and learning of languages.

  • To increase and instill among participants a sense of intercultural awareness and learning, as well as the importance of values of diversity and inclusion.

  • To provide increased and varied learning and mobility opportunities for disadvantaged and at-risk learners.

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